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This is how I looked in that year. It is someone else. I was at the Supreme Court of Canada that day, as a law clerk. Calumny and the Egg of Columbus

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McGill Law School – Chancellor Day Hall


Phare de Cap au Saumon, La Malbaie, Québec
From what I understand, I was born on the second floor of this building. I was the elder: my elder sister died very young.
The house looks different. This is where I live until I was 5.

This was the family house. It was built by my father and uncles.

Playboy Club – Montreal
Newsstand with foreign-language newspapers, 1941.

Asterix, French Astérix, French cartoon character, a small-statured cunning Gallic warrior who, with the help of a magical strength potion, defends his village and goes on comic globe-trotting adventures. Asterix was created by writer René Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo and debuted in 1959 in the French comic magazine Pilote.

Asterix is one of the most beloved characters in French popular culture. He resides in a remote Gaulish village in the middle of the Roman Empire as does his best friend, Obelix. Having fallen into a vat of the potion when he was an infant, Obelix is extraordinarily strong. He is also rather clumsy and is the frequent (if unwitting) source of injuries and accidents in the village. He is not allowed to drink the strength potion for fear that it will make him even more destructive, and his attempts to sneak a draft are the source of many comic mishaps.

Fourth International Bible Contest - 59mm Bronze

Fourth International Bible Contest - 59mm Bronze

The Fourth International Bible Contest

The fourth in the series of International Bible Contests was held in Jerusalem in 1969. As in the previous contests, there were participants from all over the world in addition to the Israeli contestants.

Obverse: In the center, a Torah crown. The inscription “T.N.K.”, the initials for Torah, Neviim, Ketobim (the three main divisions of the Bible – Pentateuch, Prophets, and Writings). On the rim below, the State emblem. Around the rim ‘The Fourth International Bible Contest, Jerusalem 5729″ in Hebrew and French, the date being “1969”.

Reverse: Below, an antique Jewish oil lamp with a panel containing the seven branch candelabra. Above, the verse “How I loved Thy teachings” in large letters in Hebrew. A semicircle above the verse, the same verse in a archaic Greek, according to the Septuagint.

Edge: The State emblem and the words, “State of Israel” in Hebrew and English. The gold medals are marked “G916.6”

À la recherche du livre perdu

Queen Elizabeth II